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New Sense

Limited Edition!

700ml designed bottle


Sense fragrance dispenser in a fancy new bottle!

A unique fragrance for bedrooms specially developed to improve the quality of our sleep. The unique fragrance of the Sense consists of 40 extracts of carefully selected natural fragrances and the dominant ones are the black amber from Persia and the sweet vanilla from Madagascar.

The aroma of amber and the aroma of vanilla are known for their virtues to instill great calmness and relaxation.

The bottle looks like a quality cognac bottle, for perfuming the bedrooms and as a design item. Spreads fragrance throughout the room and is suitable for rooms up to a size of about 50 square meters.

A fabric perfume that gives a delicate and pleasant fragrance to a variety of textile products. When Sense is absorbed by fabrics it remains in the air space for a longer time.

SENSE AROMATIC FABRIC MIST DIFFUSER is a unique gas-free fabric perfumer with SENSE fragrance, which gives a gentle and pleasant fragrance to a variety of textile products.

Incorporates an innovative technological patent called Ultra-Mist, which has an advanced spraying mechanism that disperses a mist of pleasant and dry fragrance in the air.

The Sense is a fashionable life style product

A complete sleeping experience we can provide to the customers.

To create a Sense that is value added to the store besides mattresses

The Sense creates larger traffic in the store

Displaying the Sense perceives consumers

Our Memory fragrance is stronger than any different memory

The Sense activates the consumer emotionally

The Sense serves Our Core Business - to bring customers to the store

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