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Double Deluxe mattress

Talalay Latex




Dual Sided Mattress

choose the firmness according to your preference

shoulder comfort zone

provides support for side sleepers

    Mattress Features:

    Height of the mattress: 21/25cm

    Sizes available: from single sizes: 80X200cm to Double sizes:200X200cm

    The mattress is meticulously made from the best materials in the world, LATEX TALALAY in order to create an unparalleled sleeping experience. A pampering and supportive double-sided mattress using the latest technology for maximum durability and comfort.

    Mattress cover with VeroClean technology that does not allow the life of viruses and bacteria and provides 100% cleanliness and hygiene.

    4 ergonomic comfort zones designed for the shoulders ensure maximum comfort and effective sleep in any sleeping position.

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