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Champion 4U

The bed is operated by 4 motors


Specially designed Black Graphite legs

3 Choices of colors are available:
Black Graphite (standard)
Shiny White
Black Gloss

Ventilated base

Laterally grooved polymer base for maximum ventilation.

Led Floor light

Operated by the remote


Optional- Key Safe Installed


A reset button that sets the bed to its 0 point

The only bed in the world that goes below the 0 point

Full adjustment capability for the head, back, legs and hips.

    RF Remote control

    • 3 Position memories (Option to program a memory for favorite poses and situations)

    • 3 Useful pose memories

    • 4 adjusting positions

    • Led light -A button to turn on the light at the bottom of the bed

    • LED screen showing bed positions

    • Desktop stand for remote control

    Radiation Free – Certificate

    Design & development