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Champion 4U

The bed is operated by 4 motors


Specially designed Black Graphite legs

3 Choices of colors are available:
Black Graphite (standard)
Shiny White
Black Gloss

Ventilated base

Laterally grooved polymer base for maximum ventilation.

Led Floor light

Operated by the remote

Flash light button

Operated by the remote


Optional- Key Safe Installed


A reset button that sets the bed to its 0 point

The only bed in the world that goes below the 0 point

Full adjustment capability for the head, back, legs and hips.

    RF Remote control

    • 3 Position memories (Option to program a memory for favorite poses and situations)

    • 3 Useful pose memories

    • 4 adjusting positions

    • Led light -A button to turn on the light at the bottom of the bed

    • LED screen showing bed positions

    • Desktop stand for remote control

    Radiation Free – Certificate

    Design & development